Sunday, 20 August 2017

World's best antivirus I have ever seen: Eset

If you are searching for the best antivirus in the world then your search is now over. I have found the best antivirus you can use for your personal computer and your android mobile phone. This best antivirus name is Eset. Personally, I am using it right now on my computer. There are a lot of free antivirus's available in the market which you use free for lifetime. But do you ever think why these are free and other's are premium? Eset is the only premium software which I will suggest you buy. Here's the reason

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My Story

When I was young I used to use the free software like you. One of them was Avira. After installing that software I thought I am full safe in this online world. 
But one day a huge attack of a virus occurred on my computer. The virus made the copies of the original content mainly software and slowed down my computer. Soon Avira noticed something suspicious and displayed noticed on my main screen and asked permission to clean my pc for suspicious files. You won't believe Avira took around 2-3 hours to fully scan my computer. When scanning was complete I noticed that half of my data was corrupted and some deleted. I immediately uninstalled the antivirus and started searching for a new antivirus. My search ended the world's most powerful antivirus named Eset. I immediately installed the new antivirus and run the scan again It took less time to scan my pc for virus's than Avira and founded 2-3 new virus's which was ignored by Avira and safely deleted them. I was so impressed. I immediately purchased it and till date not one virus has reached to my computer. 

Why Eset

After using it for a couple period of time I have seen some good features. I explained it the following points.

1) One thing I liked about Eset it is easy to use. The options provided there are very easy to understand. Even a beginner can easily understand this.

2) The antivirus is very fast. As I already told you Avira took 2-3 hours to scan your pc but Eset only takes a couple of minutes.

3) The clean and safe technology used by Eset antivirus is very popular.

4) Regular updates are delivered time to time which is in few mb's.

5) Real-time protection is very fast and uses very clever algorithms to detect the virus.

6) If an unknown attack took place from the virus software the antivirus breaks the server connection with software. By this way, the antivirus software protects us from the internet malicious attacks.

7) We can also see the running processes with "process explorer" inside the tools section of Eset.


The antivirus runs on Windows 7, 8.1 and 10 pc's with no issue.

How To Get Offline Eset Antivirus Installer for your Pc

1)First, go to this site then click on free download.

2)Now you have to download the internet security software (recommended).

3)After downloading install the software and run it. It will ask for the activation key. You have to purchase the key

For Indian users--  

Indian users can buy premium from Flipkart as well as Amazon



For Global Users--


Setting up Eset Software-

First Activate the software using the key you have purchased

Second, go to setup and click advanced setup, now click default.

Always run this software at default setting for the maximum protection.

After this click on update. At the first time, the update size will be bigger like around 10-15 MB and after that in kbs.


Now, relax you have just installed the world most powerful, effective and safe antivirus.